A parking lot is a great tool for companies as it will generate income for its owner year-round. However, some new company owners aren’t prepared to carry out regular maintenance to protect their parking lot, which can affect their overall business because if nobody can park outside of their establishment, people won’t want to enter their building. Here are 5 top tips to take into consideration when it comes to parking lot maintenance.

Repair All Cracks ASAP

You should always seek to immediately repair any visible cracks. By repairing surface cracks when they first appear, you can stop the damage from spreading. If the cracks are from water damage, you also need to sort out the site drainage in addition to repairing the crack. The best way to get cracks repaired is to hire a reputable contractor who will repair the damaged surface before applying an approved sealant.

Maintain Proper Drainage

Without proper drainage, surface water will start to pool and collect on the surface. Over time, this standing water will start to seep into the surface material and cause cracks. Having proper drainage, which properly channels water away can help to prolong the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.

Prevent Water Seepage

If water is allowed to stand on the surface, the asphalt will start to deteriorate. Moisture really is one of the main contributing factors to asphalt deterioration, especially in locations where it rains a lot. In order to prevent water from seeping through to the asphalt, you need to ensure your parking lot has a high-quality driveway sealcoat.


While a new seal coating should be applied to the surface every three years, it’s also important to carry out regular maintenance in between coating. Removing all debris from the site can prevent drainage problems, as well as make the site safer for drivers and pedestrians. Make sure you regularly sweep away leaves and dirt. Also, remove any stones or rocks that find their way onto the site.

Hire Top Rated Asphalt Contractors

By hiring the best asphalt contractors, you can build a high-quality parking lot which costs less to repair and maintain. Top quality contractors can construct sites that can last up to 30 years. Construction methods have advanced a lot in recent decades, so don’t be afraid to ask contractors if they are using the latest modern technology and materials.

If you need an experienced driveway repair company for your parking lot and your company is based in Burnaby, B.C., give T and R Driveway Sealing and Repairs a call! We will pave your parking lot and ensure that the asphalt is resistant to cracking to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe all year round.

By maintaining your parking lot with sealcoat, you can extend the lifespan of your parking lot and reduce repair costs. What’s more, a well-maintained site has increased aesthetic value and could attract more business.