When investing in a piece of machinery like a sealcoating tank, it is important that the sealcoating equipment performs its tasks effectively to bring in profits. Moreover, it needs to be durable and have a long lifespan so you can enjoy these profits for a longer period of time. To increase the level of time of performance, it is vital that you conduct regular maintenance on the asphalt crack repair equipment. The majority of driveway sealing contractors and sealcoating contractors use a maintenance program, and this can be highly beneficial, but the type of plan will depend on the equipment size and what you are comfortable doing.

When you have a maintenance system available, you need to decide what tasks need to be conducted daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Sealcoating tanks, for example, are basic items of machinery and easy to care for; however, regular maintenance needs to be performed to keep them working effectively. If you are using a maintenance program for the first time, it is recommended that you take the following points into account.

Routine Maintenance

A daily routine maintenance program should include checking the machine’s fluid levels, checking the tyre pressure and draining any air compressor water. A weekly maintenance routine should include checking oil and air breathers. This is dependent on the level of use during the month as they may need to be changed and not merely cleaned. The monthly maintenance routine would include changing the oil.

In addition to the daily, weekly and monthly routine maintenance tasks, it is important that you keep spare parts on hand. This is useful in case a problem occurs without any warning. If you have extra parts available, you will be able to deal with the issue and not have any delays in your daily functioning.

Yearly Maintenance and Winterization

One of the most significant protective measures to complete on an annual basis is the winterizing of a sealcoating unit. This s a simple procedure involving rinsing the tank and then pumping it with water. The special fluid must then be run through the system to prepare for freezing situations–the fluid has a low freezing point. Some individuals use antifreeze, but it is also possible to use windshield wiper fluid.

After the fluid is in the system, allow it to ‘sit’ for a minute and then open all the equipment’s valves to dry the unit. This will leave fluid instead of water sitting at any of the low areas in the equipment.

Replace Equipment When Needed

Even if you properly take care of and maintain your sealcoating equipment, you will still need to replace it eventually. You should replace your equipment if your piece of equipment is beyond repair, or if it will cost more to repair it than to buy a new piece. Unfortunately, machinery cannot regenerate or repair their problems themselves and they will eventually just wear out.