When you are getting any type of driveway work done, it is important to know one very important rule; you need to always make sure to get a written contract of the work that you need doing. Too many times, driveway sealing and paving companies have avoided taking responsibility for work that is either not up to standard or just plain incomplete. Oftentimes, when this happens, the homeowner is left with nothing but a verbal agreement when the job was started, and this is simply not enough to get justice for their driveway.

Ask The Right Questions

When getting any kind of driveway work done, you need to make sure you are asking the right questions. First and foremost, you should ask how long the job will take and what the end results are going to be. Make sure to get the answers to these questions in writing, which will allow you to have proof of what was promised should the job end up taking much longer than anticipated or should the end result be unsatisfactory. A verbal contract is very difficult to prove, but a written warranty for all services, materials, and end results involved in a job will never lie.

The Ideal Checklist

When asking for a written contract or warranty of the services you are receiving for a driveway paving or sealing job make sure it includes these vital pieces of information:

  • A complete description of the work that will be done
  • The type and quality of materials that are to be used
  • The job’s start and completion dates

If you have all of this information in writing, you will have a much easier time pleading your case should something go wrong with your driveway work. Remember that there is no question that is meaningless, so make sure to ask them all!