Asphalt welding, which is commonly known as infrared welding, is a process that allows you to fuse old and new asphalt using heat treatments to soften the old asphalt into a workable state. The most common solutions that use the asphalt welding technique are for potholes.

When companies use the old saw cut method to repair potholes, they risk rainfall to enter the seams which can freeze and thaw throughout the year causing more damage to the patch. A lot of these repairs have to be redone every year which costs the city even more money.

Here is an insider look at how asphalt welding can repair holes in your driveway or parking lot with an infrared pavement heater:

  • Make sure the area is dry and sweep any debris away. If there is water present during the asphalt welding process, it can evaporate and the heat could become excessive and damage areas of the asphalt.
  • Place the infrared heating array over the hole for around ten minutes.
  • The heater will heat the asphalt to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which will soften the asphalt.
  • Light oils will oxidize away during this process so we will mix in a rejuvenator to replace those oils.
  • Patch prep is one of the most important steps to ensure a long lasting repair. Once the old asphalt has been heated and removed, we square off and taper the edges. Having a tapered edge will allow for more surface area and allows for a good bond between the old and new asphalt.
  • Add the fresh asphalt, level it, then fuse and compact the patch with the surrounding pavement using a vibratory roller.
  • Wait 20 minutes and then the patch will be as good as new!

Compared to saw cut method, asphalt welding will always be the best option. Not only is it faster, it also reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution, plus it increases recycling potential, highway safety and employee safety. You also won’t need to repair the same spot year after year with asphalt welding.

There are many advantages of using asphalt welding on your driveway and parking lot. It will save you a lot more money and the results will look so much better than if you use the saw cut method. Asphalt welding is great for merging your driveway to your garage entrance which gives you more control over the smoothness and provides you with better drainage.

One of the added benefits of performing the asphalt welding technique for your driveway or parking lot is that you can include a patterned surface, decorative projects, and thermoplastics to make your space more beautiful!

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